Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pick of the Litter Update - Boomer

We have a great adoption story of a senior dog who was featured on "Pick of the Litter." Boomer is 9 years old and appeared on TV last fall as our pick. He was seen by some folks who fell in love, came down to the shelter, and adopted him right there. It was love at first sight - he jumped right in their car and was ready to "go home."

See his Christmas '07 photo here

Here is Boomer today when he and his owner stopped in to say hello. Just look at the shiny coat this guy has. He looks like a million bucks!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

E. Providence Call Center of Sovereign Bank Donation

The East Providence Call Center of Sovereign Bank held a pet supply drive during the month of April. Over 6 boxes of items were donated by the team members. In addition team members donated money during the month, so they could wear jeans on Friday. This raised $255 which was given to the RISPCA, during the check presentation.

Joining Marvelous Marvin at the check presentation was Kerri Varone, who suggested the RISPCA as the recipient for the jeans day collection, Dr. Finocchio, representing the RISPCA and Deb Pizzi the Call Center Director, not pictured is Lorraine Martinous who spearheaded the pet supply drive.

New Cage Sponsors help Great Dane and our cats

Special Thanks to "Dogs in Harmony" for extra help with our Great Dane Brinks. In addition, they have supplied some wonderful waterless grooming foam for Alice the cat ( this stuff really works, smells great, easy to use.)
Our newest cat cage sponsor honors "Fric, Frac, Melanie, Lois, and Abby"
Thank you for helping our cats!

Hamilton School Students Raise $300 for RISPCA

The Hamilton School at Wheeler 8th Grade students
held a candy sale to raise funds for our animals,
and brought in $300!
Thank you so much for the generous donation.

Monday, May 19, 2008

RISPCA 1st Annual Car Wash

1st Annual Car Wash
Sunday, June 1
10 AM - 2 PM
Seekonk Sam's Club
Cost is $5.00
Proceeds to help provide food, shelter, and medical attention for the animals at the RISPCA
Another car wash will be held August 3rd
Warwick Sam's Club
25 Pace Blvd

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kitten Playtime

Volunteer Amber Cote is the center of attention for a group of kittens who are having a blast playing in our sunroom. Amber and her mom Janet often help out at our shelter.

Peyton Adoption Update

Beautiful senior cat Peyton is a "lovebug" say her new owners and playing like a kitten. You're only as old as you feel, and she was always very playful even though she was over 12 years old.
Read more about Peyton here

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rocky "Scooter" Update

Rocky Walking! - 2008

Scooter in the sunshine - Fall 2007

Here is the update from the lady who adopted him:

In March, an amazing and wonderful thing happened.

I was in the kitchen, cubing chicken breast for dog treats. Five sets of terrier eyes were fixed upon me as I worked, when the doorbell rang from the living room. In a flash, I was abandoned. As I turned to set down my knife and go to answer the door, I looked down. There, at my feet, eyes steadfastly on me, was Rocky, standing on all four legs and slowly wagging his tail from side to side.

Rocky came to live with me at the end of December last year. A friend told a friend about this small golden terrier who was living with the Rhode Island SPCA. The friend told me his story and sent me pictures of this tiny fellow, who was paralyzed in the hindquarters and had been in need of a permanent home for almost 2 years. Through the efforts of the dedicated members of two separate rescue organizations with a passion for little terriers, the SPCA staff, and a devoted volunteer dog social worker, Rocky was delivered to me on a snowy evening just before Christmas.

He let me know right away that he was something special. Although his body was damaged, Rocky was a completely normal terrier in every other way. He liked to play tug; destroy toys; play bow and wrestle with my other dogs. He would do anything for food. And to a limited extent, he could and would behave like a truly housebroken dog. He loved to be petted, and was always ready to give little kisses. He was good about nail trims and grooming. He wore his diaper when necessary, without complaining.

I found that he had sensation in his feet, and was able to move his back legs, although the muscles were atrophied from disuse. His hind legs were usually crossed, because the muscles on the inside of the thighs are stronger that the ones on the outside. He mostly moved by dragging his hind quarters. He was very mobile in his little "wheelchair" which was provided with him; his upper body, like that of so many paraplegics, was very strong and muscular.

I started doing strengthening exercises with his legs. Standing him up gently, bearing weight for as long as he could manage. At first it was only a few seconds. When he was able to stand for a minute, I started working on his sense of balance, by rocking him side to side while standing. A dog that has gotten used to falling over and dragging himself has to break the habit and learn that balance all over again. Four times a day, with an hour or so of free time to practise what he had learned on his own after each session. I began to see him walking short distances, and standing up on his own from time to time.
Through all this however, his tail was limp and hung down. That day when I saw him deliberately lift his tail and wag it slowly, all on his own, I knew he was going to walk again someday.

In April and May, he has traveled with my other dogs to several states to watch my Westie and I run in agility. When I start to load dogs into the motorhome to leave, he starts barking and howling, until he is put into the vehicle. He is a good traveler and he is not about to be left behind. He greatly enjoys meeting the public in the parks where we have been. He loves to be petted by children, and they are drawn to him as well. I tell his story, and he is doing his bit as an ambassador for the work of the SPCA. He is still not completely perfect in his walking. His front can go faster than his rear if he is excited. I made a little harness so I could restrain the front and balance the rear, to help him practise. But, he is a terrier. Some days he will work on this, and some days he is not interested.

My hope for him is that first and foremost he is a happy dog who knows he is loved. If I can help him to walk well enough so that he can do Earthdog events, it will be the greatest thing I can imagine. I look at him and realize every day how lucky I am to have him.


We miss the little guy!

Volunteer Orientation This Saturday 9AM

Want to get involved with the "Best Volunteer Group" as voted in the 2007 Reader's Choice Awards from Animal Print Magazine? Join us the third Saturday of the month at RISCA Auditorium. If you have any questions, or would like more information about volunteering, please contact Liz at the RISPCA at 401-438-8150 ext. 104 or email at

Download the Volunteer Application
Print and return all FOUR pages by mail or in person.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Go Ahead......Start Shopping!

"Guilt-Free Shopping" with Ebay and Giving Works
Now you can shop and support your favorite cause at the same time.
Just look for the "giving works" ribbon on ebay listings.
The RISPCA will be featuring items for sale, in partnership with MissionFish.
100% of the final price will be given to the shelter.

Great photos from Horse Ride

Thanks to Stewart Perry of the Rhode Island Horse Weighing
for donating a penny per pound from all the horses who were weighed that day.

Volunteers on the scales

Marvin takes a turn

One of the beautiful horses being weighed

Friday, May 9, 2008

"Crazy Hat Day" and Girl Scout Troup 189

Teresa Mero, Marvin, and Samantha Thomas
The young ladies from Girl Scout Troop 189 of Randall Holden Elementary School of Warwick brought pet and office products to our shelter. They had a "crazy hat day" at their school and showed how generous they can be at the same time.

Horse Ride Nets $3,000 for RISPCA Shelter

Thank you to all that attended and donated towards the 6th Annual RISPCA fundraising horse ride at Goddard Memorial Park on Sunday, May 4th. Even with the inclement New England weather, the ride raised over $3,000 to help the animals at the RISPCA.
Special thanks to Denise Anthony, Marilyn Graf, Linda Krul,
Marcia Stewart and Sandy Andrews.
Extra special thanks to Russ Flock and KFC, 6758 Post Rd NO., Kingstown for donating the delicious lunches.
Thank you to all that collected sponsorship money and those that donated to the silent auction and raffle.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Shawnee Adoption Update

Good news about this little guy - we hear he made himself right at home! He already found a buddy to sleep with his first night and is doing just great.

Unique Wedding Donations

In lieu of a traditional wedding favor, the following couples have made generous donations to the RISPCA.
Our congratulations to :
Ann & Dan - Sept 7, 2007
Sheree & Stanley Williams - October 25, 2008
Christopher & Meghan Nightingale - May 31, 2008
Alison & Christopher Turner - May 3, 2008
Michael & Dawn - May 10, 2008
Thank you for being so generous!

Cranston HS East Girl Scouts Make Donation

Marvin and Britney
Girl Scout Troop 28 (Cranston HS East)
"Silver Award" Community Service Project
They brought many items from our wish list - THANK YOU!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ms. Barton's 4th Grade Class Helps Disabled Pets

Ms. Barton's 4th Grade Class

Velma, Oklahoma


Members of Ms. Barton's 4th grade class have joined up with Marvin, from the RISPCA, to provide disabled pets a second chance. Ms. Barton's classes have raised funds through fundraising events to assist blind dogs, pets with cancer, and pets that need special equipment to get around, such as dog carts, special harnesses and slings.

These students are to be commended for their compassion in helping those who cannot help themselves.

P.S. A big Bow Wow from Marvin to all of you!

Lewis Scholarship Winner 2008

Congratulations to graduating senior Maj-Lis Finnegan of The Prout School for being awarded the 2008 RISPCA Scholarship Award.

3 New Cage Sponsors

We have 3 new sponsors - one is for a cat cage and two for a dog kennel.
"In honor of Riley" and "In honor of Tug" are dog sponsorships, and "In honor of Peanut and Kia" is for one of our cat cages.

Download a cage sponsorship form here.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Harrison - Adoption Update

Harrison's new owner says he "is doing great in his new home......and is adjusting fine and perfectly behaved."

Thursday, May 1, 2008

5 New Cage Sponsors

Did you know that you can help our animals by sponsoring a cat cage or dog kennel? We will add your name to our website at and place a sign on the kennel or cage with your name on it. Alot of our friends have honored a friend, relative, or beloved pet with a "In Memory of " sponsorship. We can even put a photo on it.
Our newest cage sponsors are:
"From Allie & Watson" - In memory of Vera Duhamel
Edythe Finnerty
"In honor of Alex and Betty" from Tenessa Karmozyn & Joseph Chartier
In honor of "Sallie" and "Lance" Dent
Pat Salisbury and Betty Holloway

Download the Sponsor A Cage Form Here