Friday, October 31, 2008

The Brotherhood films in front of shelter

If you noticed alot of excitement around our shelter, "The Brotherhood" was filming outside Thursday. The Showtime series has a really nice cast and crew, who were also very generous when they stopped inside. Our staff thought they were a class act ( applause!)

Alice Party Photos

Alice thanks all of her party guests for celebrating her becoming half the cat she used to be! She received thoughtful gifts of cards, toys and catnip and lots of petting and attention. It was just purr-fect.
Update Monday 11/3/ 08: Alice is now under 15 LBS -
she's actually 14 LB 14 oz.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Roscoe" Adopted - Pick of the Litter 10/28

This sweet boy was featured on Pick of the Litter on Tuesday and was adopted this morning. Way to go!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Howling Hounds Photo Galleries Are Up

The little pup at left was just one of the many costumed dogs who came to the dog walk. Have a look at Photo Gallery One and Photo Gallery Two.

Thanks Lisa for taking the pics!

Pampered Chef Fundraiser for RISPCA

Attention all of you out there who love to cook....or love a cook!

Once again, our friend Dawn is hosting a fundraiser for us for January. She helped us last year and participated in the Pasta Dinner. Although the fundraiser is slated for January 2009, customers can start to order her products today, and they will ship out at the close of the fundraiser on Jan. 31st.
Here are the instructions for on line ordering:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Order Products in the bottom left corner.
  3. Select the Option # 1 - Already invited to show and would like to place an order.
  4. Enter RISPCA in the Host box and click on Search.
  5. RISPCA will pop up, click on RISPCA.
  6. It will now let you shop the entire catalog and those orders will go towards the Fundraiser.
  7. When checking out, please select direct ship to you for your order shipping, otherwise your order will go to the RISPCA Riverside address.
  8. Your products should arrive 2 weeks after the fundraiser has closed.

Dawn's contact info:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

RI Vest A Dog Presentation from Summer Camp Kids

The young people who attended Summer Camp 2008, through their own fundraising efforts, will contribute to RI Vest A Dog on Sunday, Nov. 2, 2008 (11:00 AM.) The presentation will benefit the organization who provides bullet/ stab - proof vests for state's K-9 units.

Bugsy the kitten adoption

Our friend Paul adopted this special needs kitten "Bugsy," who looks quite content in this photo. Bugsy has some physical problems, but it does not stop him from playing and romping. Have fun in your new home!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Simon aka/ "Bagel" - adoption update

Here is a photo of your own 'Bagel' (who we now call Simon, or Simon Bagel) admiring his portrait! We never had so much fun. This kitty is a comedian, acrobat and affectionate companion all rolled into one. Thanks again for your kind assistance in the adoption process.
Judith & Jennifer

RISPCA now at # 25 in Shelter Challenge

Did you remember to vote today? Don't forget, because we need your help. We even have a staff member whose 5 year old daughter has been voting every morning ( now that's committment.)

and thank you!

The truth about cats and dogs.......

Yes, they can be friends.

Megan Levasseur named "Kind Hero of the Month"

Megan was featured as a Hero of the Month in the Humane Society Kind News. Click on the image to read all about her!
Article at left is reprinted from their newspaper.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Help Alice Celebrate

You're Invited

Now that Alice has reached her first goal of 15 LBS, we're having a little party.

Stop by and have a piece of cake, and pet our little Party Animal.

Join us Thursday, October 30th

3:30 - 4:30 PM

RISPCA Auditorium

Marvin and Alice hang out together

Monday, October 20, 2008

Eve's Story

Eve's story is a sad so many others that we encounter. What we see and what others see are clearly different. In this case Eve’s owner did not think anything was wrong and therefore decided not to take any action. A person who fails to provide proper care or seek professional assistance is just as guilty as a person who perpetrates an act of animal cruelty.

Unfortunately, being ignorant is not considered a crime.

Eve weighed only 37 pounds when we took her in, less than half of what she should have weighed. Due to severe malnutrition and organ failure, Eve was humanely put to rest.
The RISPCA feels strongly that ignorance should not be a defense of the law and we will continue to work toward that goal in helping those who can not speak for themselves.

Ian's Birthday Donation

Ian Deschenes celebrated his 10th birthday by asking his guests to bring goodies for our animals. He brought food, toys, and treats that he received in lieu of presents and we really appreciate it. Thank you Ian and Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Updates Schedules for Dog Training Classes

There will be NO CLASSES Oct. 14, 15 or Nov. 19th for dogs.
  • Oct. 21 Puppy Class: 6:30 - 7:30PM
  • Oct. 28th Graduation Puppy Class: 7 -8 PM

New Puppy Class Begins Oct. 28th: 6-7 PM

Adult Class Begins: Oct. 1st: 7-8 PM

Read about Heidi D'Ascoli's classes here....

# 49 in the country

Monday, October 13, 2008

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Voting in Shelter Challenge Showing Results

RISPCA is #1 in the state and #98 in the United States.

We are very excited that there are so many who are taking the time every day to "click to vote" for us. It may not seem like this would be very important to do.......but it truly is.

Just a few days ago, we were in the #200 range, then in the #100, and now #98 in the whole country. People have found another way they can help us, and a $25,000 grant would really help our shelter.

Type in "Rhode Island SPCA" and then "RI" for the state. After you vote, you will be prompted to confirm your vote. That's it!

Tropical Fish Society of RI - Meeting 10/15

The monthly meeting of the Tropical Fish Society of RI will be in the RISPCA auditorium on Wednesday, Oct. 15. The meeting begins at 7:30pm until..? The guest speaker and topic will be announced on their website at

The RISPCA would like to thank all of the nice folks at the Tropical Fish Society's 35th Annual Aquarium Show and Auction held in September in Cranston for hosting our table. We received many donations and one of Marvin's paintings was auctioned as well. We appreciate it!

Levasseur family in Cranston Herald article today

Grab today's copy of the Cranston Herald to read the extensive article about Kayla, Megan, Lisa, and Jeff (and Dr. Finocchio with Marvin too.)They speak about the work that they do as volunteers, and with our Youth Group, which has become so popular.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Spector and Cathy

Spector is our longest running visitor - since April. And today was finally his turn to have a second chance. He's taking off for the country life and will no doubt miss his special friend Cathy. She was all smiles when this handsome boy was packed up for the trip. These two have come a long way and he's going to be in a wonderful home.

Friday, October 3, 2008

And speaking of buddies.....

These two kittens are not from the same litter, but they are as close as the two brothers ( and their wonderful mom) who adopted them. The grey/ white kitten was born with club feet and was in foster care with the orange/ white guy. He does not let his disability slow him down, and these two kittens romp and play just like 2 kids. They buddied up and became so bonded we did not want to split them up.
Along came this family who wanted them both, and they are being well taken care of in their permanent home.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Help the RISPCA win a $25,000 grant

The Animal Rescue Site is offering a $25,000 grand prize grant for Petfinder Member shelters. Simply click on the image shown at left on the front page of our website and go to the "Search And Vote For A Shelter" box.
Enter Rhode Island SPCA and RI for state.
Then hit Vote!
You can vote once per day and help us receive special funds.
You can also click here

Latest kitten adoption

Our latest kitten adoption was by this gentleman who is back from Iraq. He needed a new buddy in RI, so this little kitten found a new home. He and his friends have rescued stray dogs and taken care of them while stationed overseas, and we found that he knows the folks who we previously posted about back in March. These folks have really helped dogs who no one else cared about and given them a second chance. Big pats on the back to all of you......

Tile Artwork by Summer Campers ' 08

These are just a few examples of the artwork that the kids created this summer at camp. Plans are to install them in our lobby.They did a great job. Congrats!

"Daisy" makes herself at home- update

"Daisy"......" is resting comfortably
and has made herself right at home. She completely ignored the dog bed and went straight for the couch, luckily there is still room for us......We sincerely promise to spoil and pamper
her for the rest of her days."

What a wonderful family!

Youth Group Meeting This Saturday

10AM - 11:30 AM RISPCA Auditorium
Youth group fundraises for the shelter ages 5-18 years of age. Will be working on the Scituate Art Festival and the Howling Hounds Dog Walk.
Email Kayla with any questions:
Check our CALENDAR for future meetings in October