Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday, May 26th Pick of the Litter

Watch Bernadine on ABC 6 Pick of the Litter

Meet Bernadine! This sweet 6 year old female is awaiting a new home at the RISPCA with her brother Kodiak. Bernadine is a fun loving St. Bernard who enjoys the company of other dogs and does well with older children. To find out more about Bernadine watch her performance on Pick of the Litter!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

RISPCA Volunteers recognized for their service!

On May 13, 2009 Serve Rhode Island hosted their VolunCheers celebration at Twin River to honor some of Rhode Islands top volunteers. over 20 RISPCA volunteers were recognized with Presidential Service Awards for their commitment to homeless animals and the RISPCA! Congratulations to the following volunteers for their Presidential Service Awards...

  • Dr. Domenic Munafo, DVM
  • Dr. Michael Bruzzi, DVM
  • Nancy Mattes
  • Florence Mills
  • Denise Anthony
  • Mona & Emma Iacovino
  • Tom Warzeka
  • Stephen Kemp
  • Jeff, Lisa, Kayla & Megan Levasseur
  • Melanie Baylie-Pucino & Paul Pucino
  • Nancy & Vanessa Hull
  • Stefania Petrarca
  • Michael Carlino
  • Maria Giannini
  • Bob McKenna
  • Susan & Danny Waterman
  • Jon Dow

Marvin was also recognized. Marvin, along with Dr. Munafo & Dr. Bruzzi, were honored with "Outstanding Volunteer" awards for their work assisting elderly, disabled, and impovershed pet owners with veterinary care!

Congratulations to these volunteers & to ALL of the RISPCA Volunteers for commiting yourself to help improve the lives of homeless animals and for your support of the RISPCA; because of our volunteers we are able to "Speak for Those Who Cannot Speak for Themselves".

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pick of Litter - May, 17, 2009

Watch these cute kittens on ABC 6 Pick of the Litter Byron, Kolby & Lola are too cute for words! These three kittens are in our foster care program for about 4 more weeks, but these cute faces are just a sampling of the kittens at the shetler. We have over 15 kittens available for adoption and many more in foster care! If you are looking for a kitten the RISPCA is the place to go!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring Fling Horse Show raises $700.00 for the RISPCA

The Cornerstone Farms 4H Club raised $700 for the RISPCA with their Spring Fling Horse Show held at Gold Dust Farm on Sunday, May 9th. A HUGE THANK YOU to Cornerstone Farms for holding this fundraisier for us! Check out some pictures for the event!

Joey- Pick of the Litter- May 12th

Watch Joeys performance on ABC 6 Pick of the Litter

Joey is a 6 year old female Umbrella Cockatoo, she is sweet and LOVES to be held and touched! Actually she loves attention so much that if you dont give her enough "lovin" she becomes very vocal! Joey is considered to be a "needy girlfriend" by some of our staff members, so if you think you might be interested in her get ready to dish out the LOVE! Stop in and visit Joey at the shelter!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tara Simonini Takes Superior Honors in Science Fair

Miss Tara Simonini, a 7th Grade student at Masters Regional Academy, took top honors in the 2009 Northwest Region for her fascinating project. Her project was whether cats are right handed, left handed, or ambidextrous, and used some of our shelter cats as her subjects.
Many people do not realise that cats will eat with their paws, but as you can see from her photos, alot of them do.
Her display at the Science Fair drew alot of favorable discussion, comments, and attention from guests.
And she was awarded the blue "Superior" ribbon!
We're so proud of you Tara - great job!

Click on the photos to see large size

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sasha Shiba Inu's Adoption Update

Hello - just thought I would send you an update on Sasha, the Shiba Inu that I adoped April 4th.
Sasha is doing very well. She is enjoying her freedom to run through the house (steal what she can), explore the outdoors, chasing rabbits and birds. At first she was alittle wild - running like a nut case through the house - but I think it was all so new to her and she wasn't confined. Sasha has a mind of her own, and will do what she wants when she wants - but we are actively learning manners!

One of her favorite things to do is to sit and watch the birds, airplanes, and squirrels run around. She doesn't miss a thing! She can immediately spot when you have moved an item in the house to a different area. She will make it known too that she notices it! She is a delight to watch and can always make you laugh.
Sasha is spoiled with toys, love and attention. She has found a good home!
Here is a photo of her with her toy squirrel.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Horse Ride Winners Raise Over $9,000

Adult fundraiser
1st Linda Krul with Kona- raised $445
2nd Rebekah Hamilton with Cody $405
3rd Sandee Pacheco with Pattee $390

Junior fundraisers
1st Samantha Jones with Some Runaway $105
2nd Amelia Bradley with Alex $ 96
3rd Casey Johnson with Theunis The Black $95
grand total over $9,000

Horse Ride T Shirts with design above are available for $14 - shipping included

A special thanks to:
Russ and Ellen Flock - Kentucky Fried Chicken from N. Kingston, who donated the delicious lunches.
Rhode Island Horse Weighing for donating all the days proceeds to the RISPCA
New England Trail and Horse Association
Moswansicut Riding and Driving Club
Weathervane Tack Shop
T & J Grain
AL- JACS Potatoes & Produce
Allies Tack Shop
RISPCA Volunteers and Supporters

Horse Ride Photos

Three great shots from Sunday's Horse Ride
The highest fundraiser was Linda Krul with Kona.
She raised $445
photo by Kate Axford (TOP)

Kindergarten class at Temple Emanu-El makes Donation

Click on the image to read their letter - the children made a $40 donation with money they collected.

Our animals thank you!