Thursday, June 5, 2008

Alice the Cat now 20 LBS!

It's official - Alice has another victory in her battle to lose weight, from her start of 26 LBS. She has steadily dropped about 1/2 LB a week - right on target. She has been on Hill's Pet Food prescription diet since May, under the direction of Dr. Amy Karls. She is doted on by staff and friends, lots of petting and grooming.

She likes to be brushed out but dislikes having her ears cleaned - thats her cue to leave the room and pout. And sit in the closet if need be! But 99% of the time she is sweet as can be, loves company and is curious about visitors. Her mobility has improved tremendously, and she is walking just fine. It won't be long when she'll be able to jump just like other cats!

Thanks to the children who created the artwork of our animals -

the one above is Alice.

Read more about Alice here.

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