Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Thanks from Iraq"

Dear Marvin and all the staff at the RISPCA,

My name is SPC Renee Santos. I am with the 169th Military Police Company from Warren, RI. We are currently stationed in Iraq. I stopped in there in February on my leave and you graciously gave us vaccines for the two dogs we are taking care of out there. Unfortunately one of them died before I returned, but our Casey is still striving. I wanted to thank you on behalf of my squad for helping us get her vaccinated. Although we are not supposed to have pets here, Casey has become a part of our family. We found her as a puppy and she is growing into quite a big dog. She has boosted the morale of the squad helping to make this place feel more like home. She has taken on the role of protector for the squad, especially for myself and SPC Bethany Burdick the other female in the squad. Thanks to your donations of vaccines we were able to get her certified as a force protection dog. This means that she is now officially part of the US military and will hopefully grant her a long life. Dogs here are not treated as pets like in the US and tend to not get care and are a lot of times mistreated or killed. So now hopefully when we have to leave, even though we will have to leave Casey behind, we will feel better knowing that she will be cared for by US troops and hopefully have a good long life.

Thank you again for helping the newest member of our squad and family, Casey,

SPC Renee Santos and the members of the 169th Military Police Company
1st Platoon

2nd Squad

See this image full size with all of the members of the squad shown here identified.

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