Friday, April 17, 2009

Mugsy's Adoption Update

Hi, I adopted Mugsy today, I just thought I'd give you a quick update... we got home, I opened the carrier, he strolled around, meowing.... found the bed and somehow managed to find a spot under there to hide. He snuck out once for a few seconds, but went right back. I left a bit of food where he would have to come out, but could scoot back if he felt the need. Within an hour after that he ventured out to check out the other rooms, used the litter box, ate and drank from the other dishes i had set where he will eat daily, played with a ball, a mouse , and has stretched out in a couple of different places. He even let me scirtch (scratch) his head a little, ... and as a matter of fact just this minute he let me pick him up and snuggle..... and he purrs..... I am thrilled that he has just allowed himself to open up so quickly... I think he was really looking for some love-- not that you all dont do a fabulous job- but, i think you know what i mean. I know it's still way early in this process, but I had to let you know. Will keep you posted, Sue

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