Monday, June 15, 2009

Tropical Fish Society of RI - Meeting Wed June 17th

The Tropical Fish Society is having their monthly meeting in the RISPCA auditorium. The meeting is free and is open to everyone and anyone interested in learning about Tropical Fish! The meeting begins at 7:30pm and is being held on Wednesday, June 17th.

This months meeting will feature speaker Lee Finley, a world renowned authority on catfishes. Lee will be giving a presentation on Corydoras catfishes. Besides being a long time member of the club, Lee just completed a long run writing the Catfish Corner column for Tropical Fish Hobbyist and gave the keynote address at last year's Catfish Convention! Also...Don't forget to come and vote for new officers and board members or mail in the ballot!

Our Bowl Show will be Goldfish, so go out to the pond and bring in your best fish. And of course something to munch on and the new and improved raffle and auction of our Breeder's Award Point Fish. Get that little tank ready for a new species! Save the date!

Click HERE for more information on the Tropical Fish Society of RI.

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