Thursday, March 20, 2008

A dog's new life!

This is Zeneck, a 9 year old Boston Terrier who was relinquished to us in January. She's a little on the elderly side...was a little chubby..and was in need of simple surgery for her "cherry eye", which she had most certainly had for years. She was unspayed and had obviously been bred at some point in her life. At 9 years old, she suddenly found herself in cinderblocks and chainlink at the shelter. And who, we wondered, would welcome an old, "imperfect" girl into their home? Her personality more than made up for her "flaws," but would someone else think so? We had her spayed and had her cherry eye repaired and crossed our fingers....
It turns out...YES! She was adopted soon after.
And just today we got a wonderful, uplifting letter from her new mom:
"We are in love with Zeneck! She fits so great into our family......last weekend, we drove off road to the beach. My husband jumped into Cape Cod Bay (very cold). Zenick jumped right in and swam around him...needless to say, everyone loves her. Her and Lola" (their other Boston Terrier, and new sister) "can run and run and love the companionship. She has become one of the family. P.S. She has already lost weight and can jump in the truck now. Before we had to pick her up!"
Thanks so much to her new family for opening their hearts to an older dog. We are so happy for her, and it goes to show that good things come to those who wait. It took her 9 years, but now she seems to have found her storybook ending!
Also, I'd love to take this chance to point out how very, very much it means to us shelter employees when our adopters drop us a note to let us know that they love their new pet. We see lots of sad situations every day, and it is letters and stories like this one that keep our spirits lifted and remind us of why we are here everyday...and for that, all of us here would like to thank Zeneck's mom for her wonderful letter!
Renee Rogers, CVT
Veterinary Technician
Rhode Island SPCA

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