Friday, August 8, 2008

Moose catches us up..........MUST READ

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Moose AKA "TheWork in Progress"

When I'm tired of standing I put the bone between Dad's feet so I can lay down & he can hold it for me to chew on. I'm not TOO spoiled. I get tired of holding my bone so dad holds it while I chew on it.

I was trying to open the bench. I got it up with my nose & then it would fall down, so I tried standing on it but that didn't work either. Mom made me get down.

Here I am with my blanket. I was dragging it around and it got my tag caught on it. I BROKE the wire to the tag. I brake lots of things.

Here I am with my new favorite toy...I BROKE it the other day. Now it doesn't squeek....This picture has scratches on it cause I pulled it off the table to look at it. Sorry!

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