Monday, December 22, 2008

New Cage Sponsors & Online Sponsorships

We have new Cage Sponsors!
Lori Sullivan - Dog Kennel
In Memory of "Lady" - You will remain in our hearts forever - Dog Kennel
Blarney Stone Energy - Coventry, RI - 1 Dog Kennel & 1 Cat Cage

And our newest Online Sponsors:
In Honor of Buttons the cat, who was adopted 18 years ago and is still going strong! From Debra Torgan
In Honor of Frank and Virginia Williams
In Honor of Jameil James
In Memory of Evelyn ( Mrs. J.O.) Coats
In Honor of Gus Sweeney

In Honor of the two cutest yorkies, Ruby and Paris,and their big brother Diesel!
In Memory of Gloria
In Honor of Watson Lovejoy - Whistler
In Honor of Little Miss Wiggles AKA Ramona Humm
In Honor of Tucket Coogan
In Honor of Chris and Denise Baxter - Happy Holidays! from Kira
For Maddie and Jack
Bob Morgan and Chrissy Jourbet
From Warren Reynolds
From Nicholas Iannuccilli
From Michael J. McCarty

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