Friday, November 21, 2008

Deering Middle School Students Voting for RISPCA

The students (and teachers!) at Deering are really on the ball!

Mrs.Zambuco's 7th Grade Team and Mrs. Smiths 6th Grade Library Class, and Mr. Lancelotta are great examples of kids and teachers who know how to get the job done.

Mrs. Zambuco's students" are very involved in voting. Students bring a copy of the "thank you for voting" sheet (that is dated on the bottom) to class the day after they have voted. I am giving students reward tickets in one class or a "stamp" towards a pass for a night of no homework."

Mrs. Smith's 6th grade library classes "have voted just about every day since Marvin's visit. The kids are very excited about trying to help the SPCA win the money. By the way, Angel Dogs just arrived from We will get it ready to go next week. Both the Marvin books are checked out and kids are waiting for them."

Mr. Lancelotta sent out voting instructions and the link to all of his contacts, and this is a huge help to get the word out.

Thanks from all of us at the RISPCA

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