Monday, November 3, 2008

Grateful to those who have been voting.....

We would like to recognize some of our animal group friends who have been voting for us in the Shelter Challenge. We know you are taking the time to help us and we greatly appreciate it.
Our horse friends - Deidre and the folks at Horse Play and the wonderful people from Hopeful Haven Equine Rescue in Shreveport, Louisiana.
Our fish friends from the Tropical Fish Society of RI have been voting for us and asking their friends to do so too.
In addition, we have school kids whose classes have made a commitment to vote for us everyday and we want to thank them too. We want to give them a big pat on the back for their efforts!
We know that John F. Deering Middle School is on it .......who else?
Mrs. Ziemba's 8th Grade Team
Mr. Shunney's 8th Grade Team
Stand up and be counted by emailing us here

It sure is working because we were ranked # 9 starting Friday and over the weekend.

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