Monday, January 5, 2009

Am. Bulldog Puppy - Adoption Update

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to say Thank You for our newest family member Maverick the American Bulldog puppy.
He is a sweet, affectionate, loving puppy. He has truly won the hearts of both the humane and canine members of the family. He has a great personality and is good entertainment when he is having a spazzy bulldog moment.
He adores my young children, especially my son. Mavericks favorite thing to do is wait by the shower door for my son to get out so he can help dry my sons legs off. He will also sit next to the bath tub and watch my daughter and wait for her to splash water in his direction. Of course he waits to dry her off too.
He loves to play tough with our 80lb male boxer (King). The 2 of them are wonderful together. Maverick follows him around everywhere. He will yelp for King to cuddle with him. (so cute). Maverick likes to play with our 60lb female boxer too, he is so good with her as she is older and won't jump all over her like he does with King.
Maverick is super smart. He has finished his Basic Obedience, verbal and hand signals. He is learning STOP, DROP & ROLL as a trick. He is going to continue on in training to be a Therapy Assistant dog. He loves everyone he meets human and canine. He is always being complimented on his good manners, sweet face and beautiful markings.
He loves his crate and not once have an issue going in it during the day or at night. He likes the option of sleeping on the floor next to the bed. He stays there all night, and will sit up at least once a night to check that we are still sleeping in the bed.
Growth wise he is a moose. When we took him home he weighed 6lbs at 7 weeks old. His last weight check 3 weeks ago was 30lbs. He is short and stocky not fat... very wide chested. He is healthy and happy.
Thank you so much, we love him to pieces.

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