Thursday, May 21, 2009

RISPCA Volunteers recognized for their service!

On May 13, 2009 Serve Rhode Island hosted their VolunCheers celebration at Twin River to honor some of Rhode Islands top volunteers. over 20 RISPCA volunteers were recognized with Presidential Service Awards for their commitment to homeless animals and the RISPCA! Congratulations to the following volunteers for their Presidential Service Awards...

  • Dr. Domenic Munafo, DVM
  • Dr. Michael Bruzzi, DVM
  • Nancy Mattes
  • Florence Mills
  • Denise Anthony
  • Mona & Emma Iacovino
  • Tom Warzeka
  • Stephen Kemp
  • Jeff, Lisa, Kayla & Megan Levasseur
  • Melanie Baylie-Pucino & Paul Pucino
  • Nancy & Vanessa Hull
  • Stefania Petrarca
  • Michael Carlino
  • Maria Giannini
  • Bob McKenna
  • Susan & Danny Waterman
  • Jon Dow

Marvin was also recognized. Marvin, along with Dr. Munafo & Dr. Bruzzi, were honored with "Outstanding Volunteer" awards for their work assisting elderly, disabled, and impovershed pet owners with veterinary care!

Congratulations to these volunteers & to ALL of the RISPCA Volunteers for commiting yourself to help improve the lives of homeless animals and for your support of the RISPCA; because of our volunteers we are able to "Speak for Those Who Cannot Speak for Themselves".

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