Monday, May 4, 2009

Horse Ride Winners Raise Over $9,000

Adult fundraiser
1st Linda Krul with Kona- raised $445
2nd Rebekah Hamilton with Cody $405
3rd Sandee Pacheco with Pattee $390

Junior fundraisers
1st Samantha Jones with Some Runaway $105
2nd Amelia Bradley with Alex $ 96
3rd Casey Johnson with Theunis The Black $95
grand total over $9,000

Horse Ride T Shirts with design above are available for $14 - shipping included

A special thanks to:
Russ and Ellen Flock - Kentucky Fried Chicken from N. Kingston, who donated the delicious lunches.
Rhode Island Horse Weighing for donating all the days proceeds to the RISPCA
New England Trail and Horse Association
Moswansicut Riding and Driving Club
Weathervane Tack Shop
T & J Grain
AL- JACS Potatoes & Produce
Allies Tack Shop
RISPCA Volunteers and Supporters

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