Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sasha Shiba Inu's Adoption Update

Hello - just thought I would send you an update on Sasha, the Shiba Inu that I adoped April 4th.
Sasha is doing very well. She is enjoying her freedom to run through the house (steal what she can), explore the outdoors, chasing rabbits and birds. At first she was alittle wild - running like a nut case through the house - but I think it was all so new to her and she wasn't confined. Sasha has a mind of her own, and will do what she wants when she wants - but we are actively learning manners!

One of her favorite things to do is to sit and watch the birds, airplanes, and squirrels run around. She doesn't miss a thing! She can immediately spot when you have moved an item in the house to a different area. She will make it known too that she notices it! She is a delight to watch and can always make you laugh.
Sasha is spoiled with toys, love and attention. She has found a good home!
Here is a photo of her with her toy squirrel.

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