Sunday, June 20, 2010

August the Fifth

It's been a busy week for our boy Auggie. He hit a speed bump health-wise mid week and had us worried, but he's back on the road to recovery! With his bloodwork results in hand, we're moving ahead with treatment and carefully constructed diet, and he's responding wonderfully. August's breathing has quieted a good deal, and his strength improves every day! We have received generous donations of fresh food from friends and local businesses, and he's thriving on his healthy diet. Some of his staples are: chard, kale, red leaf lettuce, collard greens, blueberries, melon and strawberries (his favorite).

This weekend, we moved into a new home, and August moved with us! This new house has a big porch, and we took the opportunity to construct him a safe, healthy outdoor play area where he can spend supervised time on sunny days. The natural sunlight and exercise on uneven terrain are both doctor recommended and very important for his recovery. We hope, once he is healthy, he will find a home where he can have a great outdoor escape like this for the summer time (you can even plant live, edible plants in there!).

August is very personable with us and with visitors, and is loving is new life ... a life he couldn't have had alone! We would like to thank again Dr. Daly and Dr. Brown for their excellent continued care of August, and all the people who have been following his story and contributing to his recovery. It can be harder for people to relate to exotics such as August than it is to relate to animals like dogs and cats. However, Auggie's current success is a tribute to the kind, animal loving community that we are proud to live in.

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