Wednesday, June 16, 2010

August in June: Fourth Edition

This week started with August feeling well enough to begin short trips outside to get some all-important natural sunlight. He seemed to really enjoy his short romp in the (chemical free!) back yard of some friends. He explored the lawn, poked around the paving stones, and basked a bit in the sun. He still tires out quickly, so we took it easy this first time ... but we are hoping for more great weather so that we can continue with our outings as his health improves!

Auggie is now relaxing at home, enjoying some fresh greens generously donated by Whole Foods Market on Waterman Ave. in Providence. He is not a huge fan of his meds, but he's a good sport, and will do just about anything for a piece of strawberry. Thanks for following August's story, and please, continue to check back to see how he's doing!

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