Friday, March 20, 2009

Claire and Maya's Adoption Update

Claire and Maya
We adopted them in December, and I believe one of the women in the office has the 3rd sister or sibling. Anyway, I just thought I would send a picture or two. We absolutely LOVE our kitties, and we kept their names since we are not very creative, but we love the names as well, so thank you for choosing them.

We are also very glad we took them both together, since we kept them as indoor cats, they have each other to play with. They went to get spayed today, so I am on my way to pick them up and thought of sending you a few pictures, one from their 1st day home as well. They love sleeping in a bean bag on my daughters bed, and sometimes they sleep separate, but most times we find them snuggling.

Anyway, thank you!

Take Care,

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