Friday, March 20, 2009

Sasha the Doberman's Adoption Update

hey this is me sasha the doberman
just giving you an update of my night in my new home it was AWESOME.
i slept in a real nice warm comfy bed with my new sister kate and martial
my big brother doberman didnt bother me at all
he kept licking my face and my belly and i loved it
my new family loves me
my new daddy brought me home my first dunkin donuts plain donut and fed it to me saying sasha you need some meat on your bones
it was just a perfect and great day
my new owners bought me bowls a pillow a harness new collar with a shiny new name tag and my own big bag of dog food though martial trys to steal it from the bag
i went for a nice walk with my big brother today it was so nice
now im pooped whew he sure can walk and run
last night while watching tv with my new daddy mommy gave me and martial frosty paws yummy
and daddy had ice cream and cake i dont bark or whine or howl and
mommy says im so gentle and submissive
thank you guys for giving me a new great home
i love it here and i love my mommy and family
here is a few pics of me in my new home

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