Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nugget - Pick of the Litter March 4


Meet Nugget, a super sweet 4 year old gal who is full of personality! Nugget came to us in pretty poor condition, due to lack of proper diet and housing, but is doing much better now.

In fact, she has spent the last 2 months as our Education Pet, traveling to classrooms throughout the state and making friends of all ages.She has great litter box skills, is a champion hay eater, and loves hanging out with cats, dogs and even ferrets (she's made loads of friends here!).

She is even learning some basic commands - can you believe that?! ('Come' and 'Time to go home').

Because of her health issues, Nugget would probably not be the best choice for a first rabbit (or first pet), but for someone with a little experience, she would be rewarding beyond belief.

She is currently receiving daily meds for an upper resp. issue, and is on a diet to lose some serious weight. She has already slimmed up since being with us, and we are hoping she can continue in her new home.Nugget is also not yet spayed, but we are waiting until she is feeling a bit better.

Nugget loves to play and have free reign of her environment, and is super social. She loves nose rubs and is content to lay on your lap for loving for as long as you'll let her! If you think this spunky girl could be right for you, please contact us or stop in for a visit!

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