Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Update on Nikki the Akita

Nikki the Akita

Nikki has had a very minor setback. She developed a limp a few weeks ago and could barely stand up within 2 days. We made an emergency trip to my vet on a Friday afternoon. They weren't sure if it was an old injury, a strained ACL or just a sprain. They had no problems with her dosage of glucosamine and baby aspirin, but they suggested I start her on Rimadyl. They also said no long walks for her, temporarily.
I got her home and settled that Friday night with only one more short walk outside. She just couldn't make the stairs by herself.
Saturday morning, after one dose of Rimadyl, and she drug me out the front door at full tilt. She's still sometimes favors that leg first thing in the morning...but by the time I get home from work, she's ready to go. I'll still have more evaluation done on her leg...but for now, she's pretty much back to "full speed ahead".
While on our afternoon walk Friday, she met another neighbor with her baby out in the yard. Nikki went right up to the baby and gave him a big wet kiss. His mom was pleased that he wasn't scared of a "Big Dog". Nikki continues to make friends in our neighborhood. Most of them know her on site and say hi to her when we're out walking.
Nikki says tell you all hello...but she really doesn't want to come back there to stay....no offense. She likes getting all the attention here!
We'll stop by for a visit this spring.

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