Friday, March 20, 2009

Gina's 1st Anniversary - Adoption Update

Gorgeous Gina, the German Shephard Dog

On Friday, Gina and I celebrated our first anniversary! We had a party specifically for her, and I went to a doggie bakery and bought some special "birthday pie" and "doggie cup cakes" for her and her doggie friend.

Gina has turned out to be a perfect companion. We rarely ever leave each other's side. She has become my "big teddy bear" and comes to cuddle with me -- several times a day, and every night! We love each other very dearly (it took some time, but I have now completely earned her trust) and we spend most of the day literally touching each other -- she often times is laying at my feet while I work!

I even set up a large Ottoman for her to sleep upon next to me in my home office (as pictured) so she may rest her head on my lap.Even in this economy, I use her as a bargaining chip for new employers. I tell them, "Well, why should I work for you unless I can keep Gina at my side?" It works very well :) I earn the desire of a potential employer, and Gina wins their soul upon first meeting. As such, Gina is at my side at all times no matter where I am.

Although when I got her she seemed somewhat untrained (she was called a "counter surfer"), she very quickly grasped new concepts and was extremely eager to learn what made me happy, and would constantly display her desire to learn new things -- she has never once tried to "rebel" against me. It took roughly two weeks of training to get her accustomed to her new lifestyle with me, and then slowly I discovered just how much she was actually bonding with me.

Even 6 months later I would remark to myself, "Wow. I think she loves me more today than she did yesterday." Today she is a very well obedient dog who is capable of simply "understanding" my intentions.

Overall, she is a perfect example of how an older dog (she was 6) can join seamlessly with a new household. Show them love, admiration, and a good training schedule (like joining an obedience class together) and a dog will, in turn, love you.I am thankful every day for having Gina.

365 days of love and more. Here's wishing for many more happy years to come!--Kathleen

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